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lafee - tell me why
I’m lying wide awake
My head spinning over you
Dark of night, no stars inside
You are dreaming next to me
Afraid to close my eyes,
‘cause I don’t wanna miss a moment of you
Don’t want to dream,no
No dream could be as beatiful as you are
Tell me what have I done
to deserve something this beatiful
Tell me why
Am I the one your all belongs to- why me?
Am I the one you wanna place in your heart-why me?
Tell me why do you love me
Why is me you want?
Before you came the days just passed
But now I so cannot reach seconds
Within me thousand suns rise
And I’m praying for them to never do disappear
Tell me why I deserve you
And why do you say: ‘’I love you girl’’
Why is me you love?


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